Monthly Archives: December 2017

15 – eSports

On this month’s episode of Shelf Understanding (where you can really learn to understand yourshelf), host Marion Archer (and even our Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob, for a bit!) sit down with Callum Fletcher and Andrew Reddington of Illinois Wesleyan University’s new eSports program!

Collegiate sports have always been a staple of the college experience, so it only makes sense to expand that to the world of competitive video gaming.  Callum and Andrew walk us through the ins and outs of how this program will work, as well as their vision for how eSports will continue to grow into the future.

Also, BONUS CONTENT!  The last 25 minutes or so of this episode is officially considered bonus content, as Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob gets into the mix and asks some very specific questions about the inner workings of the gaming itself.  If you’re a die-hard gamer, you won’t want to miss this extra content!