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Shelf Understanding is the Bloomington (IL) Public Library's podcast. Join librarian/host Danny Rice as we host conversations, interviews, and ideas viewed through the lens of a community.

03 – Puppetry

On this month’s edition of Shelf Understanding, our librarians are talking about puppetry with Samantha Anne Maggio who co-owns Suspended Belief Theater in Bloomington, IL, and with Michael Vetere, Associate Professor in the School of Theater and Dance at Illinois State University where he teaches creative drama and puppetry classes.

We love them! We’re scared of them! And you may not believe it, but there’s a Puppet Slam movement underway.

Episode 1: Evergreen Cemetery Walk

On the inaugural episode of Bloomington Public Library’s podcast – Shelf Understanding – our librarian/host Danny Rice talks to Candace Summers of the McLean County Museum of History and Rhys Lovell of Illinois Voices Theatre about the 22nd Annual Cemetery Walk at Bloomington’s Evergreen Cemetery. The 2016 walk offers public performances at 11am & 2pm on October 1, 2, 8 & 9.