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17 – Interview with author Jamie Ford

On this month’s episode of Shelf Understanding (where you can really learn to understand yourshelf), host Danny Rice discusses the New York Times bestselling book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet with author Jamie Ford!  Join us as we discuss details of the Seattle jazz scene, Japanese internment camps, and second chances, as well as Ford’s new book and the potential of a Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet movie.

This episode coincides with our annual Bloomington Reads programming series, which includes book clubs, jazz concerts, historical lectures, and a visit to Bloomington by Jamie Ford himself.  Information on these programs can be found here:


16 – Sharon ShareAlike

This month on Shelf Understanding (where you can really learn to understand yourshelf), hosts Danny Rice and Marion Archer talk with Sharon ShareAlike, a nationally known drag queen, entrepreneur and emcee.  Join us as we talk about the upcoming local “Miss Gay Illinois USofA” drag pageant, Sharon’s businesses and their future, and how she and her work have been featured on shows like “Ellen” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.







15 – eSports

On this month’s episode of Shelf Understanding (where you can really learn to understand yourshelf), host Marion Archer (and even our Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob, for a bit!) sit down with Callum Fletcher and Andrew Reddington of Illinois Wesleyan University’s new eSports program!

Collegiate sports have always been a staple of the college experience, so it only makes sense to expand that to the world of competitive video gaming.  Callum and Andrew walk us through the ins and outs of how this program will work, as well as their vision for how eSports will continue to grow into the future.

Also, BONUS CONTENT!  The last 25 minutes or so of this episode is officially considered bonus content, as Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob gets into the mix and asks some very specific questions about the inner workings of the gaming itself.  If you’re a die-hard gamer, you won’t want to miss this extra content!


13 – Canoeing the Mississippi River (with The Current Situation)

On this month’s episode of Shelf Understanding (where you can really learn to understand yourshelf), co-hosts Danny Rice, Marion Archer, and Rhonda Massie interview Travis and Carrie Mack (also known as “The Current Situation”), who recently canoed the length of the Mississippi River.  Join us as Travis and Carrie answer the questions we all want to know: how many paddle strokes did you all have (almost literally 1 million EACH), how they bathed and used the restroom, and how many times they listened to the soundtrack to Hamilton.

Visit The Current Situation’s Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Current-Situation-232227373952149/?ref=br_rs

12 – Retro Gaming

This month, co-hosts Danny Rice and Marion Archer (and even Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob, at one point!) talk with a few local business owners and experts about different types of, “Retro Gaming”.  Whether this means classic arcade games, tabletop and/or card games, or pinball, we wanted to better understand why these gaming styles are experiencing a resurgence in our modern, technologically-oriented world.

Joining us are Jason Pacey (owner of 8 Bit Arcade), Jamie Mathy (owner of Red Raccoon Games), and Marion herself (who is the member of a pinball league in Chicago!).

8 Bit Arcade: 236 E Front St, Bloomington, IL
Website: https://www.8bitbeercade.com/

Red Raccoon Games: 309 N Main St, Bloomington, IL
Website: http://redraccoongames.com/

09 – The West Bloomington Revitalization Project

This month on Shelf Understanding, librarian/host Danny Rice talks with Deborah Halperin and Karen Schmidt from the West Bloomington Revitalization Project about all of the wonderful things that the WBRP is doing in our community.  From the Tool Library, Book Bike, and Veggie Oasis to the Bed/Bench Blitz and Home Restoration Project, the WBRP is certainly making a splash.


08 – Comics & Graphic Novels

Do you think Comics and Graphic Novels are just for nerds?  Do you think they’re just for little kids?  Do you think people who enjoy books with illustrations are bad at reading?  Well, join host Danny Rice this month as we buck all of the stereotypes surrounding this genre of literature.  Danny talks with “nearly professional” comic author/artist Andrew Lorenzi and Librarian/huge comic fan Jesse Wyer about the joys, stigmas, and future of Comics and Graphic Novels, and Unofficial Sound Engineer Rob even chimes in once or twice!

05 – There Is No Average Person

Everyone learns differently.  But did you know that your brain might learn differently simply based on your given situation?  Join host Danny Rice, librarian Rachel Park, and Heartland Community College professor Zach Petrea as we discuss a new way of learning, teaching, and thinking: Universal Design For Learning.





04 – Tiny Houses

This month, Shelf Understanding host Danny Rice discusses Tiny Houses with contractor Mike Robinson, a member of a local makeshift task force that is working with the City of Bloomington to reshape zoning laws in an effort to provide space for tiny houses for those in need of housing. Robinson is part of a team that constructed a 156-square-foot Tiny House which is now touring local sites. Rice also talks with Tiny House dwellers, Clare and Armondo Báez, organic farmers who spent nine months living on a 240-square-foot Skoolie – a 1973 Crown Coach School Bus – with their two sons who are both under the age of 5.


Related websites:

  • roguecarrots.com
    Follow Clare & Armando Báez
  • WWOOF.net
    Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farmers – an international organization that facilitates placement of volunteers on organic farms
  • Skoolie.net
    Learn about using a school bus as a tiny house.